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1200 lb composite dump cart 2 wheel

Model: YTL-018-708

  • Tapered Back EndAllows for easy loading and unloading.

  • 1200 LB Carrying Capacity: The 15 cubic foot bed is perfect for transporting mulch, fire wood, gravel and other common landscaping materials.

  • Foot Pedal Dump Release: 45 degree angle quickly and easily empties the bed.

  • Dump Handle: Ergonomic handle allows users to quickly and easily return the housing to it's seated position.

  • Universal Tow Hitch: Attaches quickly and easily to most lawn tractors and ATVs in the market.

  • Durable Composite Housing: Rugged and corrosion resistant body is built to last.

  • 18" Pneumatic Tires: Off road tread provides great traction on multiple terrains.


1200 comp dump spec.png
1200 comp dump.png
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