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48'' Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

Model: YTL-003-529

  • 48" Aeration Width: Easily raise the plugs up for transport and lower them back down to begin aerating with a single lever control arm.


  • 32 heat-treated Plugs: 16-gauge Steel plugging spoons penetrate compacted soil and remove up to 3-inch plugs of soil, allowing water, seed, and fertilizer to reach the roots. Design is narrower with sharpened ends to allow easier penetration and require less weight.

  • 140 LB Ballast Table: Add bricks or cinder blocks to the tray in order to weight the unit for improved penetration.

  • 10’’ Pneumatic Wheels: These durable tires allow the unit to travel over a wide variety of terrains.

  • Universal Tow Hitch: Attaches quickly and easily to most  tractors and ATVs in the market.


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