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8 CUFT Steel Manure Spreader

Model: YTL-008-955

  • Lightweight Design: Compact design is ideal for navigating barns and horse stalls. Steel agitators inside the hopper ensure a consistent even spread.

  • 15" Solid Tires: Solid high-traction tractor-tread tires provide great maneuverability.

  • 8.7 Cubic Foot Capacity: Durable powder coated housing can hold up to 200 lbs of manure.

  • Quick Hitch: Attaches to any ATV, UTV or garden tractor and can be towed up to 16 MPH.

  • Aluminum Drum: Includes a 1 piece corrosion resistant extruded aluminum drum with spreader vanes. 


8 cuft spreader spec.png
8 cuft spreader.png
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